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Since 1971, we have provided technical skills training to the  power plant operator around the globe. Over 1300 programs in 39 competency areas of transmission, distribution and generation are offered for power plant operations  to improve your   profitability and productivity. Our courses have received recognition from the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC).

We've helped most of the world's best-known power and energy power plant operations organizations maximize their efficiencies and enhance their training performance including PacifiCorp, Southern Company, Sierra Pacific, Tennessee Valley Authority, FirstEnergy Corporation, Florida Power & Light, Orion Power, Duke Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Energy Corporation and Puget Sound Energy. We are a Trusted and Proven Provider!
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We specialize in training  company employees with our vast array of courses for power plants. We offer power plant maintenance, operations and control room training. Offering over 300 courses, we welcome corporate accounts and have large discounts and corporate billing available. 

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The courses are available to you from any computer that has access to the Internet.

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  • Sample NERC CE Courses

The NERC Compliance training provides an introduction and overview of key NERC standards and their importance. Certificates (NERC-approved) will be given to student who finish the course.  This course provides an introduction and overview of the three key NERC standards: CIP-004, PER-005, and TOP-007. Scenarios in which the user must make decisions that are consistent with NERC requirements are also part of this course.
NERC CEH: 1, OPS Topics 1, NERC Standards 1, Simulation 0, EO Credit - No, PE Hours 1

This program takes you through the different NERC standards and explains what each standard is all about. With full-access to the actual text version of the NERC standards, you will be able to review each standard before taking the exam at the end of the course. Certificates (NERC-approved) are available to all those who finish this course.

This training teaches students the proper system control or how to maintain the orderly flow of power from the source to the load, while maintaining the utmost level safety, reliability and stability throughout the system. It discusses the requirements and procedures of system control in accordance with the NERC standards. Certificates (NERC-approved) will be given to students who finish the course.

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NOTE: In 2004 our partner, 360training, acquired Canadian training provider L&K International- a leading provider of power  training to the power, energy and utilities companies  worldwide to form the worldwide Technical Skills and Safety division. Our power plant operator technical skills and safety division closed the largest single contract in company's history, providing a multi-year training contract to key US defense contractors.
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